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Please feel free to email me or call in business hours for a chat about how I can help you. I would be happy to discuss my availability and book a time to meet with you.


HOME VISITS  (for catchment area see map below)

To arrange a home visit appointment  please click on the button below to fill in the registration form. Once I receive your form, I'll be in touch to arrange a time to come and see you.

This map gives you an idea of the primary catchment area for home visits. I am still happy to visit you in your home if you live outside of this area, however travelling further afield to get to you will incur travel costs. 

Zoom Consultations

It is always preferable to see you in person, however virtual consultations via zoom are available if needed. 


Private Health Insurance?

Do you have private health insurance? Many of my clients have successfully claimed reimbursement for the cost of  their consultations. Please check with your provider so see if your plan will cover costs. 

Got a quick question? Flick me an email

Phone 021 765 023

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