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Hi I’m Jane, Lactation Consultant, Paediatric Nurse and proud mum of my two beautiful teenage daughters. When I was a new mum I wish I had known then what I have come to know now! Parenting is a steep learning curve and you never stop learning.


Colleagues and clients tell me they like that I am caring and down to earth and able to convey my extensive paediatric and breastfeeding expertise with humour and compassion. I like to keep things as simple and practical as possible.


Working with new families is in the blood, my mum was a much loved local Plunket Nurse. Our home phone was the Plunket Line of the day and I recall Mum taking calls from many overwhelmed parents, providing reassurance and practical advice. Mum is now in her 80's and people still share with me their memories of how she saved their sanity when they were wrangling the challenges of new parenthood. 

As a school leaver, I worked in International Banking in Wellington and London,  but I wanted a more people focused career so I decided upon a career in nursing. I attained my Bachelor of Nursing in 1995, and began my Paediatric Nursing career in 1997 starting at Wellington Children's Hospital where  I cared for children with a variety of medical and surgical conditions. In 2014 I began working towards becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I had naively thought doing a few online courses and watching some babies breastfeed was all that was required. It actually took two years,  involving over 500 hours of clinical supervision and completing theory papers before sitting and passing the required 4 hour exam. I am so pleased it did it!

Currently as well as working in private practice at The Baby Nurse, I work part time in the hospital setting as a lactation consultant and registered nurse covering SCBU, Paediatrics and Maternity.


I absolutely love my work with families and babies and I'm so looking forward to working with you.

Jane Scobie

NZRCompN, BN, PG Cert Adv Nursing (Paediatrics), IBCLC



Calm, Caring, Knowledgable





Jane is amazing. She saved my nipples and my sanity. I cannot recommend her enough to others establishing breastfeeding, and to get her support early.

She was super capable. She came and had a great look at how I feed, assessed my baby's mouth for her quirky ties, (and squished head). She gave me a clear plan (written) for my next steps including clear tips on how to get a deeper latch.

And she was kind. When things went off track (nipple infection, mastitis) she was so supportive. She checked in on how I was, updated our plan, and even did a Sat afternoon mercy dash to drop off a pump and show me how to use it. Kindness is so important in the fragile and pain filled post partum days!

Thank you so much Jane!

Fiona, August 2018

Jane was amazing and I wish I booked a consultation earlier!! After 10 weeks of using nipple shields for every single feed with my newborn, Jane got him to latch on the very first try. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a kind, gentle nature. I loved having her visit us in our home environment for a one on one session, it was a really calm visit and there was no rush, so I felt comfortable. After one session with Jane I feel much more confident to continue on our breast-feeding journey.

Grace, September 2021

I got in touch with Jane after she came recommended by my midwife. I was having issues with a fussy baby latching and was getting fairly destroyed nipples. Jane responded quickly to set up a time to come to my house. She was friendly and offered some really handy suggestions and tips which got feeding on track and my nipples quickly healed - life saver! She was also really supporting and encouraging with follow up queries I had. Would highly recommend!

Sarah, July 2018

Jane is truly one of a kind! I owe so much to her for the help, support, guidance and encouragement she provided me in the first 6 weeks of my postpartum journey. I struggled immensely with oversupply and if left me in unbearable pain (both from engorgement and nipple pain secondary to poor latch). I was in tears with every feed and began to fear feeding my baby boy. With Jane's incredible help, we managed to reduce my supply, fix my latch and get to a point of ZERO pain and truly loving breastfeeding. I cannot recommend Jane enough, and continue to rave about her to every new mum I meet!


Emily, September 2023

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